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butthurtx's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
A rating community for pretty and interesting people.


An inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility towards the "aggressor."

butthurtx is another rating community. Yeah, yeah, another rating community, BFD, right?

Here's the difference with us. We're open to ALL ~types~ of members; be they scenesters, scenesters in denial, preppies, emos, goths, artsy types, fashionistas, jocks - anybody. There will be no discrimination based on what group you happen to be from.

All you have to be is pretty and interesting to become a member. You can be interestingly pretty and/or pretty interesting. We don't care if you have 5 facial piercings and tattoos or look like someone you'd see on the cover of Seventeen magazine as long as you're pretty and you're not a dolt.

If the mods find this community developing into one where a certain look or type is preferred to gain acceptance, then we will make sure that doesn't continue, because there are already enough of those out there.

So, we welcome anyone who's been butthurt (points to me for slipping in the community name!) by being rejected at another community despite being prettier than most members there, but having the fatal flaw of not "fitting in," because this community desires to be one big melting pot.

As part of the transcription from the Statue of Liberty says: "Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."

Well, to paraphrase so that it applies to this community: "Give us your pretty, your interesting, Your unfairly rejected yearning to be a member of an unbiased rating community..." That's what this community is all about. Got it? =]

You also don't have to fill out out an application of 20 inane questions where you have to show how clever, witty and informed you are. Nope, there's basic info, a short paragraph about yourself so we can get to know you a bit, and your pictures. That's it.

On to the details...


1. Join the community and post your application.
2. Put "NEW" in the subject line.
3. Don't delete your application because you're getting abused. Losers delete their application and most likely someone will have saved it and you'll end up being mocked.
4. You can post comments in your application, but nowhere else, until you're accepted.
5. A simple majority vote will get you in. Ties will be decided by the mods.


The application is here along with instructions. It shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to fill it out and apply unless you're mentally challenged. Seriously, it is a short application. Just make sure you choose good quality pictures and put a bit of effort into the one actual question in the application; the "about you" question.

To apply you'll need to promote in only one place; either in your user info or in a public entry in your journal. That's it.


Banners are here.


Our members are here.

1. Be active. We don't have a point system here because points systems are a pain in the butt, mostly for us moderators. Just post as much as can, but just like the fat man in the red suit, we'll be making a list of who's naughty or nice (or in this case, inactive and active), and those that are inactive will be removed or challenged out.
2. If your post is long put it behind an lj cut. That's what the lj cut is there for. If you're posting pictures, you can leave one or two in front of the cut. Just make sure they're not HUGE and mess with everyone's friends pages.
3. Text posts are fine. If they're uber-long, put some, or all, behind a cut.
4. No promotions of other communities here, please.

Challenges are allowed but there are a few common-sense rules:

1. New members must be given around 2 weeks before they can be challenged. Give them a chance to prove they belong and don't be a petty bitch about it.
2. You can only be involved in one challenge at a time, either as the challenger or the challengee.
2. If you get challenged out, you may reapply at any time thereafter.
3. Stupid challenges will not be allowed and will be deleted. Who decides what a stupid challenge is? - we do.
4. When challenging someone, give a reason. If someone is accepted, they've earned the right to have a reason for why you're trying to challenge them out. Legitimate reasons are non-activity, a bad attitude, or someone who you think just doesn't belong in the community based on their appearance.
5. When voting on challenges, use your own criteria for deciding who to vote for.

Lurkers are allowed, but if all you do is trash members all the time you'll be banned.

1. Lurkers cannot post, but can comment on any post. Hold on, you know what, I'm changing that. If a luker wants to post something that they think the community would find interesting, then go ahead. Other than that, please limit yourself to commenting on applications or member posts.
2. Put an "L" in the subject line of your comments (or posts) so we don't have to check if you're a member or not, because that's a pain in the rear end.